balcony-room-additionEnjoy the View from Your New Balcony

Throughout history, balconies provide a magical space in a home. A balcony is a place where romance can spark, creativity can thrive and friendships are strengthened.

One such balcony is from the famous play Romeo and Juliet Act 2, Scene 2. This is the scene where Romeo is wandering aimlessly around the Capulet backyard when a mysterious young lady appears on the balcony above him. “What light through yonder window breaks?” he asks. Looking up at Juliet on her balcony sets his heart to fall in love with her instantly.

Besides sparks of love being set off, many a speech has been delivered from a balcony; whether at the White House or Buckingham Palace.  A balcony is a perfect place to address your spouse, your family or a group of friends hanging out and enjoying each other and the fresh air. If you’ve got something to share, your new balcony will be the perfect place to deliver it.

Now, we’re not saying that adding a balcony to your home will automatically set romance sparks flying or turn you into a professional orator but you never know. It could create just the right space that you’ve been dreaming about for your family to thrive in. Who couldn’t use a little more spark, more romance and better connection to people they care about?

There really is something special about having a room in your house that has a balcony. It creates a space where you can go to enjoy the view from inside the room as well as an entire outdoor space that allows you to soak up the sun and fresh air.

A room addition that includes a balcony creates essentially two new room additions for your home. Your new balcony can be made into an island tropical paradise get-a-way; right at the convenience of your own home without having to travel anywhere. Who doesn’t want 24/7 access to a stay-cation space in their own house?

Room additions with balconies are very popular in Southern California and Orange County. Although the balcony portion does not increase the official square footage of your home listing, the room addition does.  The balcony’s worth comes into play when someone enters the room and is drawn through the room and out through the balcony.  The wow factor gives benefit to the homeowner as well as increasing the value of the home indirectly.

People have been building and enjoying balconies for centuries. Architecture throughout history displays the grand balcony in all its glory. Especially in population dense areas balconies are sometimes the only way that your home will ever be able to enjoy a view.  Once the room addition and balcony are complete, you will suddenly have a whole new perspective on your horizon and maybe even your life.

Cidar Construction has built quite a few room additions with balconies for residents of Laguna and the surrounding areas.  Examples of balcony room additions include;

  • Patio Finish with Balcony Roof
  • Two Story Room Addition with Balcony
  • Balcony Added to Room
  • Balcony Added & Made into a Sun Room
  • Lower Room Addition w/ Balcony Roof Top

If you are seeking to expand your view, we invite you to get a free quote for a balcony addition or even a room addition that includes the balcony.