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Best Kitchen Counters

If you are remodeling your kitchen, one of the big questions you are asking is what is the best kitchen counter option for your needs? The kitchen counters is one of the biggest elements to your kitchen because of it’s heavy use and visual impact on the overall design. Selecting the right counter top is […]

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Popular Kitchen Trends

The size and type of your home has a huge impact on what type of kitchen trends you should incorporate in your kitchen upgrade.
Baby Boom Kitchen Trends
If you have a smaller home that is ranch style or contains most of the living space on one floor, then your home is a perfect candidate for a […]

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Bathroom Remodel Plan

Do you have a bathroom you would like to remodel?  You have many options to think through before tackling your bathroom remodel project.
Bathroom Planning Steps

The best place to start is to visualize how you want the bathroom to end up when it’s finished.  If you were to picture your ideal bathroom with the space you […]

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Top 5 Home Improvements

Smart homeowners choose wisely in improvements they invest into their home to increase future value. Research has found there are certain home improvements that will increase the value of your home more then others. If you are improving your home in order to sell it at some point down the road for more then you […]

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