The size and type of your home has a huge impact on what type of kitchen trends you should incorporate in your kitchen upgrade.

Baby Boom Kitchen Trends

If you have a smaller home that is ranch style or contains most of the living space on one floor, then your home is a perfect candidate for a future baby boom resell. According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 76 million baby boomers living in the United States, making up 24% of the total population. “Baby Boomers” consist of people who were born between 1946 and 1964. This population is now either retired or close to retiring and many face moving into their retirement home. If you are preparing your home for a future sale, and your home fits into the single floor or “smaller” description, then you will want to incorporate features that will increase the value and saleability orientated toward this population group.

Baby boomers are looking for homes that have zero-step entries, non-slip easy clean kitchen flooring and lower cabinetry access options. Consider building in such functionality as a below the waist microwave instead of the traditional above stove position.  Lights that automatically turn on upon kitchen entry is another feature example that would please baby boom purchasers.

Kitchen cabinets that are very easy to open and close are critical, not only for a baby boomer but for anyone.

Cidar Remodeling has a large selection of cabinets that are built with hardware that is smooth, long lasting and very easy to use in addition to many smart organizational cabinet choices.

Other features that baby boom purchasers look for is smooth, easy to clean granite counter tops.  Granite still holds the number one position for most popular kitchen counter top choice.  Not including an island will appeal to a retiring generation as this provides for a larger clear space in case of the need for wheel chair access.

Incorporating a few open shelf cabinetry areas and a few display glass cabinets along with the concealed cabinets is a good idea to give flexibility with what dish ware to display and what to tuck away out of site and mind.  The open shelves give easy access and visibility to items of high use.  Place these open shelves at easy to reach heights.

Family Kitchen Trends

The family kitchen utility has some different priorities to build into your kitchen upgrade. For instance, if your kitchen square footage permits, an island is very useful for a kitchen designed for a family.  It incorporates additional storage space and some size and budgets may even permit the island sink and cutting board area.  This kitchen design is one of the most popular kitchen elements for family home purchasers because dinner time together can be maximized and enjoyed when there are multiple preparation areas within your kitchen.

Another popular feature to include in a family orientated kitchen in the bar stool counter space. Meals such as breakfast can be enjoyed quickly and efficiently at this extra eating space without creating a big mess to clean up before going off to work and school.  Additional guests are easily accommodated and this feature encourages family members to spend more time together as they multi-task in the kitchen area.

Energy Efficient Kitchens

Whether you are designing your kitchen for a baby boomer sale or for family use an important trend to incorporate into any kitchen remodel is energy efficiency.  All appliances should be upgraded to energy efficient models.  The lighting in a kitchen should be changed out for energy efficient light bulbs. Windows should be positioned and designed to pull in as much natural light as possible.  In addition to upgrading your kitchen into an energy efficient one it is smart to incorporate some time saving tools such as a charging station for devices and a space for a tablet or screen display for easy access to recipes and media such as the news.

Creating a smart, energy efficient, goal orientated kitchen takes extra time and expertise but is worth it in the long run.  Cidar Remodeling makes this process fun and easy. Give us a call today to get planning!