Cabinet Style Gallery

Cidar Remodeling offers a wide verity of kitchen cabinet styles & colors to choose from.


White Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Cabinets

White Cabinets – Classic styling with a modern feel makes Snow Bay cabinets the right choice for today’s bright and open kitchen and bath styles. The discreetly ornate white door/drawer fronts and real wood interior shelving/drawers demonstrate remarkable quality and sophistication. Mix and match your door fronts with either glass or solid wood doors to create the room you are dreaming of.

Vanilla Cabinets

vanilla cabinets

vanilla cabinet

Vanilla Cabinets – Solid North American maple, beautifully finished with antique white and a gold tone glazing make this cabinet our most popular year after year. Vanillaville’s classic design and color, will give depth and refinement to any kitchen or bath.

Coffee Cabinets

Coffee kitchen cabinets

coffee kitchen cabinets

Coffee Cabinets – Spectacular coffee glazed finish and real North American maple, make this the favorite for people with traditional tastes who simply love the warmth of wood. Coffeeville cabinetry perfectly accents any kitchen or bath with sensibility and style.

Mocha Cabinets

mocha cabinets

mocha cabinets

Mocha Cabinets – Rich mocha glazed, solid maple Mochaville cabinets exude traditional elegance to your interior space. With long lasting construction and classic design, this cabinet is perfect for creating a cozy feeling in a large kitchen or bath.

Mahogany Cabinets


mahogany cabinets

Mahogany Cabinets – Natural, North American maple with stunning cherry finish brings a luxurious look to your kitchen or bathroom. Mahogany Bay cabinetry is perfect for creating a traditional yet sophisticated space.

Coco Cabinets


coco cabinets

Coco Cabinets – Cinnamon glazed, basswood Cocotown cabinetry is perfect for spicing up any kitchen or bathroom. With top quality construction and classic styling, the deep wood tones will bring strong contrast to your project.

Beech Wood Cabinets


beech wood cabinets

Beech Wood Cabinets – German beech wood cabinets with dark chocolate finish never fail to impress with their clean and modern lines. Real wood construction and tasteful flat panel design make Century City the perfect choice for a dramatic statement.

Honey Cabinets


honey cabinets

Honey Cabinets – Our new Scandinavian style, shaker cabinets feature real beech wood. These beautiful cabinets are in the modern, sleek Scandinavian design that has become so popular. Autumn City cabinets are beautiful and functional and offer great amenities such as shaker style doors and the simple slab drawer fronts.

White Birch Wood Cabinets


white birch wood cabinets

White Birch Wood Cabinets – With its clean birch wood door frame and it bright dove white exterior these cabinets are a perfect choice for contemporary style kitchens. These solid white cabinets are a beautiful, versatile and durable choice for any room of the house.

Kitchen cabinets have come a long way since the initial shelf with a door concept. The basic necessity to put into safe keeping and protect dishes from dirt and dust have been expounded upon in exciting ways. Not only are there a multitude of creative organizational cabinet solutions now but the styles are endless.
The blend of both organization and style is the best goal to be met when considering your kitchen cabinets. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds and we have a large kitchen cabinet catalog selection to choose from.

A great way to get started and inspired is to browse different styles at online galleries such as Houzz. After you settle on the general style there are two other primary considerations to clarify. The first is the space and budget that you have to work with. These two elements will determine your options.

Cidar Remodeling will work with your kitchen space and budget to optimize the best solution.

After your kitchen square footage and preliminary budget have been reviewed, the next priority is identifying your organizational preferences. First and foremost, have you considered the arrangement of your current kitchen?  Would it benefit the kitchen upgrade to rearrange to get the most out of the available square footage? After deciding to rearrange or leave as is the next organizational review is for specific cabinet types that you want to incorporation.

For instance, do you like clear glass display cabinet cases or do you want a clutter free kitchen environment. Do you have special dishes you want on display or would you rather everything be tucked away behind closed cabinet doors? Do you have kitchen corners that can take advantage of a deep lazy susan pull out cabinet? Can your budget include some other organizational cabinet pieces such as pull out drawers? The little extra it takes to incorporate these organizational kitchen tools will make a big difference on a daily basis for you and your family during kitchen use. Remember, the kitchen is one of the heaviest used rooms in the entire house. It’s worth it to invest a little more to maximize the utility of this important room.

We can help plan for the very best use of the space and budget you have.