Project Description

Remodel Your Bathroom; Please Your Guests, Create a Spa Retreat, Increase Home Value

Your bathroom says a lot about your personally.  This explains why the bathroom remodel is in the top 10 for most important home improvements.  Under the category of bathroom remodel the top two in order of importance is the guest bathroom, followed closely by the master bathroom remodel.

The guest bathroom has high importance because it is part of the first impression of any guest that enters your home.  Inevitably every guest will ask the famous question, “can I use your restroom?”  When this question is asked the feeling you have when you direct them to the guest bathroom should give you an indication of the state of your number one hospitality feature of your home.  Will your guest feel accommodated, luxuriant, impressed?  Or will they think exit the guest bathroom feeling gritty and unimportant, even uncomfortable and happy to leave?  The impression your guest bathroom makes upon your guests has a direct impact upon how they perceive you and your home affairs.

The guest bathroom is one of the least expensive home improvements that you can make.  Surprisingly easy to implement, the guest bathroom upgrade typically requires new tile, a new vanity and a stylish wall mirror. Adding in some spa style accessories will create a clean, warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests. The average guest bathroom remodeling budget is on average $7900.

This guest bathroom remodeling budget would typically include;

  • Counter tops: tile, low-end granite or cultured marble.
  • Tile: for the bathtub and shower area with ceramic or standard tiles.
  • Walls: to maintain budget the walls can be painted with the option of adding a bathtub tile surround and a counter back splash.
  • Cabinets: refinish or paint.
  • Vanity: replaced or refinished.
  • Lighting, fixtures and finishes: In place of selecting all standard products that will only last five years, replace each starting with the most worn first and select a higher quality replacement. Replace as many as will fit within the budget, scheduling the remainder for a later phase. Spending a little more on quality fixtures and cabinet hardware will create  make a visual impact and provide a longer lasting guest bathroom.

The master bathroom remodel is second in priority but still important.  The owner of the home enjoys this retreat space.  The master bathroom supplies a reprieve, replenishment and much needed relaxation for the home owners.  This features weighs in heavily with resell-ability and can be a final selling point that tips the scale of the sale.  The average budget for a master bathroom remodel is $13,000 and typically includes more materials and attention going to the spa tub, more extensive tiling and double vanity.

If you are interested in pleasing your guests and creating a master bedroom spa retreat with a bathroom remodel, call Cidar today for a quote.  We will work with your priorities and budget, offer full bathroom remodel services and are fully licensed.